Friday, May 17, 2013

Thrift Store Shopping with Grandma

     Shopping with grandma has always been exciting for me.  One great thing I learned from her at a young age is how many wonderful treasure you can find at thrift shops. So yesterday we ventured off to Sheldon, Iowa to a place called the Village Treasure Chest.  This is a place where people donate the things they no longer want and the proceeds go to helping handicap people.  My cousin Kate and I love to go here with grandma, always finding a few things that we cant live without. I know Kate will be envious of what I found this time.
     Fist thing I see when I walk in is a cute gardening hat.  It has pink and green flowers on it with a string to go around my neck so it wont blow off when I'm riding my bike. At $3 I can't pass it up.  Next stop is the clothes.  I found a perfectly pressed white shirt, with no damage to it.  White seems to fade very fast, so for $2 I had to have it.  At that price I wont feel bad throwing it out when it gets dingy. Next place was the jewelry.  This necklace, with bright yellow flowers, will be the perfect statement piece to wear with my white shirt and some jean shorts. ($3!)  There were two other necklaces that were along the same lines as this one and grandma got them for herself, but I am sure one of the grandkids will end up with these little treasures soon enough.  Then, around the corner, I found these beautiful gold bangles.  They are thick and heavy and I can feel they are made very well.  If I bought these at a regular store they would cost me at least $40-$50 a piece, but here the small one was $2 and the big one was $3!  Toooot toooot!  I was super excited about these and I know I will wear them with pride!
     If you are ever in Sheldon, Iowa make sure you check this place out.  But, no worries, if you cant make it here there are plenty of thrift shops all over the place.  Check your towns home page or start asking some of your friends if they know of any.  Then take some time and go in.  Some are packed full of things and you may have to dig to find the treasure, but once you do you will be hooked just like me:)
     If you already have some great places to shop let me know.  If I am every in the area I would love to check them out.

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