Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday week...YES! I said birthday week


     Ok Everyone!  Its my birthday Week.  “Birthday Week?” Keith says.  Yes! Birthday Week!  Girls no longer celebrate their birthday just on the day that they were born... but throughout the whole week. I have even met some super lucky women who celebrate the whole month.  I think that’s a little extreme, everyone knows a week is long enough.  Besides, the last time I tried to celebrate my birthday the whole month I had turned 21 and almost died of liver failure from jaeger bombs.  JAEGER BOMBS! whoop..whoop! Awe, brings back memories:) 
So first thing I am going to do to kick of the week long festivities is pop a Prilosec and head to Miles Inn of Okoboji.  They are famous in this area for their Bloody Mary and Charlie Boys.  Miles Inn uses its own special top secret Bloody Mary mix and serves the drink in an ice cold scooner.   They garnish it with a pickle, olives and my favorite, pickled asparagus.    This is a must try, and I bring all of my friends who come to visit the Okoboji area here.  If I haven't filled up on the Bloody Mary and all of its garnishes then I order the Charlie Boy.  This is also something that they are famous for   and is made up of a special sauce mixed in with the loose meet sandwich, topped with american cheese and pickles.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I may not be able to sleep tonight because of the spices, or maybe because of the alcohol consumption.  But there is no doubt that I WILL be going to bed happy and satisfied.  Hopefully dreaming of what the rest of this birthday week has in store:)

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