Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Friday Night with the Girls

A Fun Friday Night With the Girls
@ Park on Fremont

 Looking for the next great place to spend your Friday night happy hour? Look no further, because The Park on Fremont will be your new home. Entering this new business in down town Las Vegas will make you forget your work-time woes the second you lay eyes on the mascot with gold machine guns mounted on his head. With its eclectic art work and plush seating it will draw you in and never want to let you go. Around every nook and cranny there is something magical and different that will catch your eye and rush you back to your table to tell your friends about. And if you can handle the summer heat than you can enjoy your drinks on their enclosed patio that is made up of mixed matched colorful chairs and tables. They are perfectly thrown together and are arranged all around a beautiful little tree, with extra umbrellas up to keep the sun off a patron’s face.

The menu is just as eclectic as the decor with drinks like “Trophy Wife” and “Pillow Talk” and even a Bloody Mary called “Hunting Season”. Each served in a mason jar and reasonably price so not to break your bank roll for the night. If your in the mood for some food they also have some interesting choices, although I did not try any of them. But the chicken and waffle sandwich looked interesting to me and there was even a strawberry summer salad if your are looking for something a little more healthy.

I would seriously recommend all of my friends to visit this super cool place. It’s almost like you aren't in Vegas anymore, people are dressed a little more funky with less ‘sparkle‘ than they wear on the strip. I saw lots of men in suits with fun sneakers and some girls dressed in a throw back style to the 50’s and 60’s. I absolutely loved that my girlfriend brought me here and I really cant wait to go back and try some more of their awesome drinks while doing some major people watching. So if you are looking for a great place this weekend to get away from the Vegas crowed try out The Park on Fremont, I promise you wont be disappointed. 

                                                 Thanks C.G for taking me here:)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun With Florals


If your looking at any magazine or online shopping its easy to see that florals are everywhere. From hats to scarfs to shoes, flowers are popping up on every piece of clothes imaginable. Even wearing it head to toe is on trend right now.   If your not ready for a head to toe look think about adding just one or two pieces to your wardrobe that will keep you fashionable but not trying to hard. Start with a shoe or a scarf, (I am loving these Gucci sunglasses)  and if you love it, dive in to a whole suit or dress. Beautiful floral prints are at every price range so you wont have a problem finding what you want.  And the people at your office will appreciate watching your garden grow.
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