Monday, June 24, 2013

Fun Friday Night with the Girls

A Fun Friday Night With the Girls
@ Park on Fremont

 Looking for the next great place to spend your Friday night happy hour? Look no further, because The Park on Fremont will be your new home. Entering this new business in down town Las Vegas will make you forget your work-time woes the second you lay eyes on the mascot with gold machine guns mounted on his head. With its eclectic art work and plush seating it will draw you in and never want to let you go. Around every nook and cranny there is something magical and different that will catch your eye and rush you back to your table to tell your friends about. And if you can handle the summer heat than you can enjoy your drinks on their enclosed patio that is made up of mixed matched colorful chairs and tables. They are perfectly thrown together and are arranged all around a beautiful little tree, with extra umbrellas up to keep the sun off a patron’s face.

The menu is just as eclectic as the decor with drinks like “Trophy Wife” and “Pillow Talk” and even a Bloody Mary called “Hunting Season”. Each served in a mason jar and reasonably price so not to break your bank roll for the night. If your in the mood for some food they also have some interesting choices, although I did not try any of them. But the chicken and waffle sandwich looked interesting to me and there was even a strawberry summer salad if your are looking for something a little more healthy.

I would seriously recommend all of my friends to visit this super cool place. It’s almost like you aren't in Vegas anymore, people are dressed a little more funky with less ‘sparkle‘ than they wear on the strip. I saw lots of men in suits with fun sneakers and some girls dressed in a throw back style to the 50’s and 60’s. I absolutely loved that my girlfriend brought me here and I really cant wait to go back and try some more of their awesome drinks while doing some major people watching. So if you are looking for a great place this weekend to get away from the Vegas crowed try out The Park on Fremont, I promise you wont be disappointed. 

                                                 Thanks C.G for taking me here:)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Fun With Florals


If your looking at any magazine or online shopping its easy to see that florals are everywhere. From hats to scarfs to shoes, flowers are popping up on every piece of clothes imaginable. Even wearing it head to toe is on trend right now.   If your not ready for a head to toe look think about adding just one or two pieces to your wardrobe that will keep you fashionable but not trying to hard. Start with a shoe or a scarf, (I am loving these Gucci sunglasses)  and if you love it, dive in to a whole suit or dress. Beautiful floral prints are at every price range so you wont have a problem finding what you want.  And the people at your office will appreciate watching your garden grow.
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Make Your Own Arrangements...

 Today I was minding my own business shopping at my local grocery store when I came along this little treasure.  It was a cart full of flowers that they were giving away for half price!  I thought it was to good to be true, so I picked up a bundle and examined each flower and to my surprise the flowers looked great. (no browning of the pettals)  So for $5 I took a bundle home with me and went to work.

Making your own bouquet is fairly simple.  First, I got two of my smaller vases and filled them with warm water.  Warm water is best so you don't shock the flowers when you transfer them from one place to another.  Second, I picked off any petals that I didn't like.  I also removed any foliage that would be left in my water.  This helps to keep the water clean and the flowers living longer.  Then I laid out the flowers and used a scissors to cut off the ends.   I like to hold the flowers up to the vase before I cut to have a better idea of how long to leave the stems.  Be careful not to cut to short, you can always cut more off if you need to.  Last, arrange them however you like!  The more you practice the better you will get.  Even if its your first time, flowers always look beautiful, so no worries if your arrangements are not perfect.

Try this for yourself and let me know how it goes.  Ask your local grocer if they have a certain day they put their old flowers on sale, then make an arrangement for yourself and a friend:)


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

SURPRISE! Birthday Cake!

 Happy birthday to me!  This was taken a few weeks ago at my 33rd birthday party.  Yes, I am still a girl who loves to have a birthday party with a cake.  There is just something about getting to blow out the candles and make a wish that really brings a smile to my face.  My sister, Corina made me this beautiful creation with a little surprise in the middle.  Now, to give some background on her, she is smart, she is determined and I think she thinks Martha doesnt hold a candle to the things she can do:).  

The cake turned out WONDERFUL of course! Not only was it beautiful to look at, it also tasted AMAZING!   Everyone went back for seconds, and by the end of the night there was nothing left but the plate.
What I loved the most about this cake is what you see when you cut it open.
Beautiful,colorful balls that make you even more excited to get a piece.
 If you like the way the cake looks click here .  There are plenty more ideas where that came from.  Let me know if you try it out.  I would love to see the pictures:)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Runway Baby...

Yesterday, I helped a friend with her clothing line, showing it for the first time at Las Vegas Fashion Week.  The day started when I arrived at Bagatelle, in the Tropicana Hotel, at 11:00 am.  Sindy was already there with her clothes hanging on a rack waiting for the doors to open.  By 12:00 the doors of Bagatelle were opened and models, designers, hairstylist, and makeup artists filled the room.  I could not believe I was going to help in an actual fashion show.

 First thing we had to do was pick out the models to wear the  Petite Bourgeoisie line. The girls came in so many shapes and sizes, and just as you would imagine, clothes were flying everywhere.  Its was all so surreal!  I have had no history of working with models, and especially fitting them for a run way show, but I jumped right in and had a great time figuring it out.  All of the girls were sweet, and so excited to be picked to wear each piece.  After finding 14 girls for 14 looks Sindy looked at me and said "Your wearing my jacket down the runway right?"  I lost my breath for a moment and was like "really?!"  I was soooo excited that she was going to let me be in her show, and to top things off, I was going to be the first girl to start off her collection!  Well, off to hair and makeup!

I was fortunate to meet so many people yesterday and one of my favorites was Vanessa.  Of course she was the girl who did my makeup for the runway.  Vanessa has been a makeup and hair stylist in Las Vegas for many years and was super professional and super fun to talk to.  We talked about different projects she had worked on and she even gave me a little advice on my first cat walk. ;-)

About 15 minutes before I had to walk I really started to panic.  I went to the bathroom and saw some seasoned models hanging out, so I asked if they could give me some advice on walking.  They were all so happy to, so there I was, strutting my stuff in the bathroom hallways laughing as I was attempting my 'model' walk.  I probably tried it about fifteen times before I felt in control of what I needed to do.  They all said I was doing just fine, but I think they might just be trying to be nice.  The last thing I remembered was a girl saying, "Dont step out of the light,  never leave the light!"  I never thought anything of it until I hit the runway....

Finally, it was my time to shine!  BUT, I was so scared I was afraid I would fall, or trip on my shoes or something crazy.  At that moment, I took a deep breath and decided "F**K  IT!"  How bad could I be right?  I turned to head down the runway and thought, "Oh my gosh!  This is a really long way!  Should I cry right now because I am so excited?  NO DONT CRY!  Look straight look up, no look down, to the side!" Then next thing I knew, I was at the end of the runway and ready to hold my pose for 4 seconds.  Right when I stopped, I felt it....I had stepped out of the light...uuuuggggg...I could hear that girl's warning in my head and I was almost frozen for a moment.  Lights were flashing as photoraphers were taking pictures and I basked in the glory.  Should I step backwards?  Nope, it was too late, I made my turn and headed back down the other way.  Feeling a little foolish,  I could hardly keep the smile of excitement off of my face.   The whole process only lasted about thirty seconds, but it was thirty seconds that I will remember (and brag about) for the rest of my life.  I got to fulfill a little girls dream (my own) and make a memory that will last a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emerging Designers: Fashion Week Las Vegas...two girls with a dream

I am so excited that I am going to be a little part of the Emerging Designers for Las Vegas Fashion Week.  My friend, Sindy, has decided to fulfill a life long dream of being a fashion designer and that dream is coming true today using sketches from her childhood as her inspiration.   Her line is called Petite Bourgeoisie.  It is not very often that someone actually fulfills a life long dream and passion and it is so exciting for me to get to watch as it unfolds.                  

Yesterday, I spent the day with Sindy as she was putting the finishing touches on a few of her pieces.  She was sewing away and chatting with a smile on her face, I couldn't help but be drawn into this atmosphere of excitement.  She talked about all that she had done in the last few months to prepare for this, and how she could not believe that it would all be done in a few days.  We were dreaming big about her having her own fashion line and me being a fashion blogger extraordinaire (my dream) and how we might travel around the world some  It  feels good to verbalize your dreams to another person and get the support that we secretly seek. Then, we both decided that even if this is the furthest we go, at least we had both tried something new and received an exciting experience in life.  For me, writing has always been a hobby, and so has her sewing.  Putting things out there for the public brings everything to a whole new level.

I am off to get ready for the day and watch as many designers accomplish there dreams.

Words for all:  Claim what you want to be....

Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire,

Alma :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

One is a Beautiful Number

Beach Riot $133
Rainbow Wold $68
Swim suit season is upon us.  Time to show off all of the hard work that we’ve put in at the gym all winter, or maybe just for the last few weeks.  Since I have had back surgery and am unable to wear a two pice for the summer I have been looking into the onsies.   Let me tell you, they are super cute and super sexy!  So smother on your self tanner ladies  and get yourselves ready to try these on, I guarantee there is a perfect ONE out there for you