Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emerging Designers: Fashion Week Las Vegas...two girls with a dream

I am so excited that I am going to be a little part of the Emerging Designers for Las Vegas Fashion Week.  My friend, Sindy, has decided to fulfill a life long dream of being a fashion designer and that dream is coming true today using sketches from her childhood as her inspiration.   Her line is called Petite Bourgeoisie.  It is not very often that someone actually fulfills a life long dream and passion and it is so exciting for me to get to watch as it unfolds.                  

Yesterday, I spent the day with Sindy as she was putting the finishing touches on a few of her pieces.  She was sewing away and chatting with a smile on her face, I couldn't help but be drawn into this atmosphere of excitement.  She talked about all that she had done in the last few months to prepare for this, and how she could not believe that it would all be done in a few days.  We were dreaming big about her having her own fashion line and me being a fashion blogger extraordinaire (my dream) and how we might travel around the world some day...lol.  It  feels good to verbalize your dreams to another person and get the support that we secretly seek. Then, we both decided that even if this is the furthest we go, at least we had both tried something new and received an exciting experience in life.  For me, writing has always been a hobby, and so has her sewing.  Putting things out there for the public brings everything to a whole new level.

I am off to get ready for the day and watch as many designers accomplish there dreams.

Words for all:  Claim what you want to be....

Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire,

Alma :)

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