Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A nice quiet morning...

A nice quit morning.

I don't feel like I ask for to much in life, (lol) although I'm sure my husband would say differently.  But what really makes me happy and keeps me calm and focused is the quiet time that I get in the morning with my dogs, my computer, my t.v turned to the Today Show, and riding my recumbent bike with a cup of coffee by my side.  As of right now I can not ride the bike so I am trying to use this time to write in my blog.  Im sure you all have it, the time when you feel the calmest and your brain and body feel relaxed. Not letting any of the outside world in and just focusing on whatever makes you feel good.  
So of course that isn't the way my morning went or I wouldn't be writing about it.  First, I wake up to this thumping noise coming from the downstairs, not sure what that is but I know it wasn't part of my PLAN this morning.  And as soon as I move Lulu jumps out of bed so I know she is in need of going outside. I get up and Rufruf and I slowly walk downstairs to open the door,  Lulu goes flying out to partake in her morning duties.  Now remember I am at my Iowa house and there are many old oak trees some of which house Hawks, that means I have to keep my eye on my little dogs so they don't get whisked away on an adventure by a predator in the sky thinking they just scored a fresh little bunny.  But of course Lu runs down the hill to look around and I am freezing in my P.J’s so I start yelling for her.  After about 5 minutes of coaxing she returns and we get to go back up stairs.  
           I am ready to pour myself a cup of coffee and still hear that thumping noise coming from downstairs.  But it soon becomes overshadowed by my mom bringing my sisters dog over and all heck breaks loose.  All three dogs are barking and growling and jumping and running around the house.  I have a few words with my mom bc Keith is still a sleep and she turns around with Teddy monster under her arms and leaves.  Guilt creeps in and I feel bad.  I am a long way away from the peaceful morning I was hoping for.  And still the thumping down stairs!
Delia then shows her face and says “Where is mom, she is taking me to my car?”  Ugggggg....(karma anyone?)

so we get in the car and I drop her off and return home to find out what the thumping is all about.  I go downstairs and see Delia is drying her tennis shoes in my dryer! I remove them, go up stairs, pour my cup of coffee and try to figure out what to write about today. I open my computer and take a few deep breathes to calm me from all the interruptions i had just faced.Then, right on cue, out walks Keith, and my quite time is officially over.

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